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Bulgaria airlines

Bulgaria Airlines

Lately, Bulgaria has become a fantastic destination for travel. Aside from vacation resorts, visitors can go sightseeing in a variety of urban and natural destinations. From the wild parties at Sunny Beach to the virginal forests of the Rhodope Mountains – everybody can find the place they belong. Nowadays, many companies provide cheap flights to Bulgaria. Let’s start with some of the more prominent Bulgaria airlines.

Bulgaria Airlines - Bulgaria air, Bulgaria air charter

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Bulgaria Air is the largest Bulgaria airline in the country. It is also the national carrier and has its headquarters in Sofia, the capital city. The cities you can expect the most flights to end are Sofia and the coastal Varna and Bourgas. As the official BG airline, Bulgaria Air offers a variety of aircraft to destinations all around Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. The Bulgaria air airline was established back in 2002 as the successor of the now inexistent Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. Bulgaria Air is an excellent choice to travel to Bulgaria from the UK. The company offers a wide variety of charter flights and is often the best airline regarding quality.

Bulgaria air online check in

Bulgaria Air’s online check-in is a very intuitive and fast way to book a flight and pick your seats from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. You can do this from any place with internet – your home, your office, or your favorite café. The online check-in system is available in the UK, but only in London – from Heathrow and Gatwick.

Bulgaria air tickets

The best place to get Bulgaria Air tickets is the Bulgaria Air official website. The booking and online check-in systems are a perfect way to get your place on an upcoming flight. For those of you who are frequent flyers, Bulgaria Air has a program called Fly More. With every flight you can collect points and exchange them for a broad range of prizes and privileges:

  • Bonus tickets;
  • Privileged in the airport check-in queue;
  • Gold cardholders are entitled to free carriage of extra baggage;
  • Privilege when confirming bookings. And much more!

Bulgaria airlines - Balkan airlines, Balkan air, BH Air

Balkan Holidays Air, or BH Air, is a Sofia-based airline, registered in Bulgaria. The company provides charter series and ad-hoc charter flights to the UK, Italy, Scandinavia and other European countries. BH Air mainly works with tour operators. For groups traveling for business, sports, and cultural events, BH Air provides flights to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. You can get some very lucrative offers for Balkan flights if you know the exact date you will be traveling. The airline provides a helpful A-Z guide for anything travel-related. You can find information on check-ins, various types of baggage and luggage, visas and others.

BH Air provides flights from a variety of UK cities – Aberdeen, Belfast (Northern Ireland), Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and more. You can always grab tickets for a charter flight round trip and save some money in the end.

Bulgaria airlines - Air VIA

Air VIA is one of the oldest Bulgarian airlines. It was founded back in 1990, 26 years ago. The company is licensed and certified following the European standards for non-regular transportation of passengers. Currently, the company boasts over 200 highly trained employees. The airline has only three planes, so flights don’t happen very often. Still, if you manage to get a good offer, you can get a cheap flight to Bulgaria without a problem.

Bulgaria airlines - Sofia Jets

Sofia Jets is an airline that provides some cheap tickets to Bulgaria. The business started out in 2002 and is based in Sofia. Sofia Jets offers a variety of services – air charter flights, aircraft lease, freight, luxury business trips, and acquisition or sale of aircraft. They offer some amazing business charter solutions, so if you plan to have a trip to Bulgaria with clients or colleagues, this might be your airline. The advantages of chartering are many, starting with cost-effectiveness, convenience, flexibility, and privacy. If you want to get from point A to point B in the fastest possible time – charters are your best choice.

Flight to Bulgaria

Cheap flights to Bulgaria are relatively easy to come by. Tourism is well-developed in the country, so countless planes are arriving at the various airports every day, especially during the summer season. If you plan ahead, you can grab some exquisite offers from most airlines. Sometimes, traveling in groups can be a lot cheaper than going alone. However, the cheapest flights to Bulgaria are undoubtedly the charter flights. The lower prices come from the airlines being able to plan a trip for a certain day, from a particular city, without any distractions like landing in places other than the destination. When a charter flight fills up, the fuel costs go down and with it the cost of traveling.

Cheap tickets to Bulgaria are mainly acquired through the frequent flyer programs and by booking whole groups. Most airlines offer a variety of promotions.

There are a huge number of airlines that offer flights to Varna, Bulgaria. Aside from the Bulgarian airlines, you can fly with companies like Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa and since a month ago, Ryanair. You can easily find more information about the available flights on websites like:

The same applies to flights to Bourgas, Bulgaria. Some of the best offers to this destination are provided by Other companies mainly prefer to land in Sofia or Varna.

If you are looking for flights to Bulgaria from London, you first need to know which is your preferred starting airport. offer flights from London Luton and London Gatwick. Smart Wings also provide cheap flights from London Gatwick. Turkish Airlines are ready to take you from London Heathrow to Varna for just a bit over a hundred pounds. Flights from Stanstead are considerably more expensive, and departures from Southend are very rare. Overall, the best way to find cheap flights to Bulgaria is to plan and travel economically!

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