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Bulgarian news

Bulgarian news

As any other first-world country, Bulgaria too has a plethora of news platforms (and much more pseudo-news platforms), both online and offline. As a result, it’s practically impossible to count them all, but here we’ll try to mention and summarize the most prominent ones.

Bulgarian news sites in Bulgarian

So let’s start with the Bulgarian news websites. Out of the hundreds of news websites in Bulgarian, here are the Top 15 for 2015, in order of popularity:,, (the first site that’s purely for news only),,,,,,,,,,,, and

Those are the 15 most visited Bulgarian news sites in Bulgarian language. Whether they are the best and which are the best if those aren’t – that’s too subjective to say. It’s worth noting however, that Bulgaria is ranking pretty low in Europe in terms of “freedom of press”.

Bulgarian news sites in English

Let’s go to Bulgarian news sites in English however. Most Bulgarian websites are multilingual and can also be read in English as well. Of course, there are also websites that are entirely in English. Here are some of the most prominent ones of both kinds:,,,, For more websites, check for Bulgaria.

Bulgarian TV and TV online

Websites are not the only source for news however, not even in the 21st century. Bulgaria also has a lot of TV programs, quite a few of which also have online presence. The three most famous ones are probably BNT, BTV and Nova TV, but there are much more. Here are some of the TV channels you can find online: BNT HD, BNT1 Online, TV7 Online, News7 Online, Evrokom Online, Bulgaria On Air Online, Diema Online, Nova Sport Online, BTV Online, Nova TV Online, and a lot of others on

Bulgaria newspaper and Bulgarian newspapers online

The television is not the only offline media with online presence of course – newspapers are online as well. Some of the bigger newspapers’ online presence is even in the Top 15 news websites we mentioned above, but still here are some of the big Bulgarian newspapers that can be found online:,,,,,, and others.

Bulgarian radio

The radio isn’t far behind its offline counterparts and a lot of Bulgarian radio stations are online as well. Some of the more famous ones (specifically for news) include: Horizont, Hristo Botev, Darik, BTV radio, Bulgaria On Air, and others.

Sport BG news

If you’ve been reading the links above a bit more carefully, you’ve noticed that there are only a couple of websites about sports news. Don’t let that fool you however, since Bulgarians are quite fever sports fans and there are a lot of websites that reflect that. The very second most visited news websites we mentioned above – – is exclusively for sport BG news. There are a lot of others like it however, including (which we also mentioned above),,,, and more.

Plovdiv news

In additional to national Bulgarian news, all big and medium cities in Bulgaria also have a ton of regional news outlets. Plovdiv for example, the second largest city in the country, has one of the Top 15 news websites we talked about above –, as well as quite a lot of other websites:,,, and others.

So there they are. As we said in the beginning – it’s practically impossible to list every Bulgarian news outlet, but if you’re looking for a news source to look at, we hope the list we provided is a nice starting point.