Your guide for a cheap and comfortable holiday in Bulgaria

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Holidays to Bulgaria

Holidays to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small and yet diverse country, and holidays to Bulgaria can offer something for every type of traveler.

As Bulgarians like to say: "Bulgaria is as big as the palm of your hand, but you can easily find everything there!" The diversity of high mountain ranges and ski resorts, all those beautiful beaches on the Black Sea Coast and the country’s unique nature are all just a small part of what you can experience there.

Bulgaria is also known for its rich history and landmarks having been home to many civilizations throughout the centuries - Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Proto-Bulgarians, and Ottomans, which makes it a fascinating place for history lovers as well.

In this article, you will be presented with suggestions about Bulgaria's best holiday opportunities. Bulgaria is famous for its seaside and ski resorts which make it a perfect place to visit during both summer and the winter.

Holiday resorts in BulgariaHoliday in Bulgaria beach resorts

According to many tourists and Bulgarians themselves, Nessebar is one of the best places to visit during the hot summer months. It was previously inhabited by Thracians and Greeks, who left traces of history on every corner of this incredible city. This makes it a perfect place for people, enchanted by history, and for those who like a little peace and quiet. And in case you want a place to dance, listen to the latest music hits and be surrounded by young people coming from all parts of Bulgaria, you can easily get to Sunny Beach resort, situated nearby Nessebar.

Elenite Holiday Village, BulgariaElenite holiday village Bulgaria

Another place in this area is the Elenite holiday village. The resort is located 8.5 km from Sunny Beach and about 40 km from Bourgas Airport. Situated among the breath-taking Balkan mountains, this place can offer you one of the best views and fancy hotels with large pools and playground areas that you may enjoy so much that you won't want to leave.

Holiday in Bulgaria - beach resorts

Since Bulgaria’s whole eastern border coincides with the Black Sea Coast, there are beach resorts stretching from the northeast to the south-east, with the city of Varna being the biggest city in the north and Bourgas being the biggest city in the south.

Elenite, Sunny Beach, and Nesebar, mentioned above are situated in the municipality of the city Bourgas, so let's now talk a little bit about the resorts, that the northern part of the Black Sea CoastVarna has to offer.

Golden Sands - Bulgaria holidaysGolden Sands Bulgaria holidays

One of the oldest and most popular among them is the Golden Sands resort. Located 17 km north of downtown Varna, this is the best place for tourists who love being near the big city and the city of Varna undoubtedly has a lot to offer. Golden Sands is virtually connected to the city by a continuous swath of resorts and villa communities and is even served by several regular bus lines of the Varna public transit system.  

Golden Sands - all-inclusive hotels

The Golden Sands resort is known for its great all-inclusive hotels, which have some of the highest scores on TripAdvisor. Such hotels are Grifid Hotels Club, Hotel Bolero, Marina Grand Beach, Atlas Hotel and much more. Great accommodation and service, as well as many opportunities for things to do in Bulgaria's third biggest city - Varna, makes Golden Sands a perfect place for family vacations.

Bulgaria - Skiing Holiday

Although Bulgaria’s beach resorts are so tempting and really worth visiting, it’s time we talk about the ski resorts as well. Not only does Bulgaria have the highest mountain range of the Balkans – Rila Mountain range with its highest peak Musala at 2,925m, but it also offers numerous ski resorts and other beautiful mountains with great villas and luxurious hotels. Some of the best resorts in Bulgaria are Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, and Chepelare and since there are many tourists there, holidays at affordable prices can be reserved by simply making a reservation a few months earlier. Find out more about Bulgaria skiing holiday or book directly with loveholidays and Crystal Ski Holidays.

Bulgaria - Skiing Resorts

Bulgaria skiing resorts: Borovets

The ski resort Bansko is in the Pirin Mountains. It offers one of the best ski slopes not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe and it has hosted FIS World Cup alpine ski races in recent years: the women downhill races in 2009 and the men's circuit with a super-combined race and a slalom in 2011. It also hosted the men's giant slalom in 2012 and the FIS World Cup ladies' races in 2012 and 2015.

Here you can have a look at Bansko’s interactive map to get a better idea of this magical place:

Another great place worth visiting is the ski resort Borovets. It is a popular Bulgarian mountain resort situated in Sofia Province, on the northern slopes of Rila, at an altitude of 1350 m. Borovets is just 73 km away from the capital Sofia, which makes it very easy to get to. This is the oldest Bulgarian winter resort, dating back to 1896. It was originally established at the end of the 19th century as hunting grounds for the Bulgarian kings.

Borovets gradually developed into a modern ski resort with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and a network of ski runs and lifts along the slopes of the Rila Mountain, providing a whole range of winter sports. The resort has twice hosted World Cup Alpine Skiing rounds (in 1981 and 1984), while the biathlon track is one of the best in the world.

Bulgaria - Ski Packages

As previously mentioned in the article, holidays to Bulgaria can be much cheaper if you booked a few months before departure. There are great offers to be found here:  and

There are many discounts for family packages and for the different lessons and course packages (ski, snowboard, etc.), which can make your vacation more exciting and adventurous.

Discover and book your perfect holiday at loveholidays and Crystal Ski Holidays.

All-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria

Bulgaria has many holiday resorts which are all-inclusive and are even quite cheap. Usually, the winter resorts offer great discounts during the summer and vice versa. It basically means you can have a great summer vacation in the mountains for a small amount of money. Some of the most tempting offers can be found here: All-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria or discover and book your perfect holiday at loveholidays.

Here you can find cheap holidays to Bulgaria and various all-inclusive hotels, all of which have nice suites for people who would like to spend some time in private, many rooms with excellent conditions and pool areas. Most of the hotels have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, making them perfect for a visit at any time of the year.

Last-minute holidays to Bulgaria

There are also great opportunities for those who make decisions spontaneously. The good news for those folks is that hotels in Bulgaria tend to be rather large with numerous rooms, which aren't occupied at all times, leaving a place for last-minute holiday adventurers.

This website offers such deals as well: Last-minute holidays to Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Family Holidays

Many Bulgarian hotels allow you to stay with your children without extra charge if they are under 5 or 7 years old. It depends on the hotel policy, so you would need to check with them individually. Overall, it is a nice experience to bring your kids as there are many hotels with aquaparks, playgrounds and many other kids to play with. Here you can find some useful information: Bulgaria - Family Holidays or discover and book your perfect holiday at loveholidays.

Short breaks to BulgariaShort breaks to Bulgaria: Sofia - panoramic view of Vitosha mountain

A short break to Bulgaria is always a good idea as its geographical location in Eastern Europe means that it's not too far away from Germany, UK, and France in the west and Turkey to the east. This means that you can easily fit Bulgaria into a combined excursion or holiday. The capital - Sofia is ideal for such a short break. It situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the western part of the country and is less than 50 kilometers (31 mi) drive from the Serbian border.

There you can find the prominent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Vitosha Boulevard, also called Vitoshka, which is a pedestrian zone with many tempting cafes, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and luxury goods stores. Sofia's geographic location contributes to the city’s specific atmosphere.

Sofia Bulgaria Hotels

Lots of hotel offers can be found on

Some of the best hotels in Sofia are Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Sofia, Grand Hotel Sofia, Downtown Hotel and many others. A good choice can be made with the help of the website where most of Sofia’s hotels are mentioned and evaluated by the guests.

Bulgaria Party HolidayBulgaria party holiday: Oxygen club, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

As previously mentioned, the sea resort Sunny Beach is the best place in Bulgaria to enjoy the loudest parties with the latest music hits. Some of the best discos there are Lazur, Oxygen, and Hollister.

The Oxygen bar attracts many famous singers as guests, which makes the place one of the most visited in Bulgaria during the summer.

Of course, there are great parties in the capital city of Bulgaria as well. Sofia is famous for its numerous bars and discos, full of young people most of whom are studying or working in Sofia. The capital of Bulgaria attracts many young people who contribute to the vivid and lively atmosphere of the city. Some of the popular places are Club Mascara, Royal piano club, Bedroom Premium Club and many more.

You can find more information here:

Walking holidays to Bulgaria

We have already mentioned that Bulgaria is a country, rich in historical monuments, many tourist sights, numerous mountain ranges and natural wonders which are must see attractions when visiting the country. Therefore, many tourist agencies offer hiking and walking tours, suitable for any taste and level of fitness. Some of the best places to visit are The Seven Rila Lakes, the highest peak of the Balkans – Mousala and Belogradchik fortress. More information here: Walking holidays to Bulgaria

Hotels and villas in Bulgaria

Lots of great hotels have already been mentioned here but it is worth adding that almost every Bulgarian city has hotels or villas, and every city has something to offer. Whether it is a great nature, a historical monument or simply a nice place to rest for a few days, every city has various accommodation options.

Great websites to search for a place to stay are: Hotels and villas in Bulgaria, and

Cheap holidays to Bulgaria

One of the greatest things about a holiday in Bulgaria is that the country's currency is lev, which is almost half the price of the euro (1 euro = app. 2 leva) which automatically makes holidays there cheap for most of the European citizens. Moreover, there are offers at quite affordable prices because of the wide variety of hotels and the rivalry between the hotels to attract more guests. Furthermore, the standard of living is not as high as in Western Europe, thus the labor cost is inexpensive which in effect leads to cheap holiday offers.

Some of the cheapest and nicest holidays in Bulgaria are those spent in the mountains, as accommodation options there, such as mountain hostels, huts, and cabins are not expensive at all and definitely worth the view and the experience. A few days among one of the many mountains and forests that Bulgaria has can guarantee a calming getaway to clear your mind and truly relax. The good news is that those huts are everywhere in the mountains. If you follow the signs or use a GPS, there is always a shelter to be found, although the signs are often in Bulgarian. Despite that, remember that there is always a place to accommodate tourists in Bulgaria.

Package holidays to Bulgaria

Package holidays are a good and convenient option, with almost every travel agency offering such service. Most of the holidays to Bulgaria, especially those in the mountains, include transportation, tours, and a guide throughout your stay. The all-inclusive hotels, which are more common during a summer holiday, are also often preferred by tourists, as they include food, transportation, and entertainment. Arranging a package holiday with a travel agency is probably the best idea: TUI | Holidays, Flights & Cruises, loveholidays | Discover and book your perfect holiday, First Choice and touring holidays with the Adventure People.

Flights to Bulgaria from Ireland

Bulgaria has a few airports and the biggest one in the capital Sofia has two terminals. Many international airlines fly to Bulgaria, because of its important geographical location. There are also airports in the 3 biggest after Sofia cities: Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas. As Varna and Bourgas are located along the Black Sea Coast they are a suitable choice for people, who are having a summer holiday in Bulgaria.

Traveling from Ireland to Bulgaria is expensive as it is not a common destination and few flights make this journey. Prices for round-trip tickets begin from €400 if booked less than a month before the departure. Nevertheless, if you are traveling with an agency and book your trip a few months earlier, prices are much lower.

Useful websites are:

"Who flies where" resources:

Belfast to Bulgaria holidays and flights

Bulgaria is a great tourist destination for Western Europeans. This is not only due to the affordable prices, but also thanks to the country’s location. With a 3 -hour flight, you can reach this beautiful place and spend a memorable holiday there. Keep in mind that Bulgaria is in the EEST timezone, which means that time is 2 hours ahead of Northern Ireland. Nowadays everything can be booked online, so just follow our suggestions from this article when booking your dream holiday.

There are flights from Belfast to every Bulgarian airport, which leaves you with lots of options.

Useful websites: Skyscanner,

Holidays to Bulgaria from Scotland

Bulgarians love having tourists from the UK, especially from Scotland, because of many Bulgarians who work there during summer youth brigades, which probably is the reason many Scots have heard about Bulgaria and choose it as their travel destination.

Moreover, there are many Bulgarians who study in the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Therefore, there are regular flights to those destinations, which makes it easier to find suitable and affordable travel dates.

Holidays to Bulgaria from Newcastle

Like with flights from other parts of the UK to Bulgaria, there are many options for tourists traveling from Newcastle as well. Bulgaria has a hot, long summer, which makes it a perfect gateway for people who want to escape the summer rain and chilly days. It’s worth adding, that English travelers don’t need to worry about learning the Bulgarian language before their holidays to Bulgaria, as Bulgarian employers in the tourism industry require their employees to speak English.

Hopefully, this article made you curious about Bulgaria but just in case you change your mind or start looking for a different holiday destination, let me give you some good advice: Bulgaria is definitely worth visiting! This is a country that has everything that a traveler would want from a tourist destination, with a range of holiday options at affordable prices. We look forward to seeing you in Bulgaria!