Your guide for a cheap and comfortable holiday in Bulgaria

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weather in bulgaria in june

Did you know that June is one of the best months for holidays in Bulgaria, especially on the coast? The weather is fantastic, with temperatures reaching 28 ° C and 10 hours of sun.

Bulgaria is a dream holiday destination for many. The country is situated in the temperate climate zone with well-defined seasons, so tourists can enjoy a range of activities from skiing in the winter, to windsurfing and swimming in the summer.

The seaside offers a variety of destinations for summer activities – Varna, Burgas, Sozopol, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Golden Sands and many more. These cities and resorts wake up from the winter slumber in May, become full of life in June, to finally quiet down at the end of the summer - during last weeks of September or at the beginning of October.

If you are not into sunbathing and beaches, you can always visit Bulgaria during the winter. The skiing season starts in December and ends in February, sometimes even in March. The most popular skiing destinations are Sofia, Borovets, Bansko, and Dobrinishte, but there are more.

One thing is certain – the country offers something for every taste. All you need to do is plan your trip to Bulgaria and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Let’s dive into more details about the weather you can expect in June.

Weather on the Bulgarian Black sea coast.

The coastal weather in June is perfect for all the summer activities. The sea temperature varies between 19°C and 22°C, and average air temperatures are around 24 - 26°C.

At the beginning of June and the first three weeks, Bulgaria has very warm weather. However, it usually rains in the last week of June.

These dream weather conditions are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and any other beach activities. Even if the sunshine gets too strong, the refreshing Black Sea breeze will keep the temperature in check. If you are not a beach person, but still like the seaside scenery, you can enjoy some sightseeing and then relax in one of many coastal bars and restaurants.

As June isn’t the hottest part of the summer season, July and August are considered the prime time for summer vacations. June still offers a generous amount of sunshine – usually around 10 hours per day. Rainy days vary between different cities and resorts, but the usual amount is 8 - 10 days of rain per month. Some years are quite dry, so be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip.

Overall, the weather on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is perfect for anything you’d want to do in the summer. The natural variety of Bulgarian coast allows for some unique experiences – for example, camping in a pine forest with sea waves crashing just a few meters away from you.

Weather in Bulgaria Inland.

The weather in inland Bulgaria varies a lot in June, depending on the altitude.

Sofia - the capital city - is a fantastic place for tourists. This former ancient settlement has a lot to offer regarding history and culture. Since it’s also the largest city in Bulgaria – the cultural scene and nightlife are very rich and exciting. World-class musicians perform in Sofia every week and clubs don’t close their doors.

Average temperatures are around 21°C. Since Sofia is at an altitude of 550 meters and located near Vitosha Mountain, nights can be quite chilly in June.

Rafting and kayaking are popular activities in regions abundant with rivers. June offers some excellent weather conditions for paddling enthusiasts. Bulgaria is home to several picturesque lakes, and its northern border is marked by Danube River. Daily warm temperatures and refreshing winds make trekking and hiking one of the top activities in June for both local and foreign tourists.

Bulgaria has already come to life in June. Visitors can experience a full range of activities, except for winter sports. It doesn’t matter which location you will choose – each of them holds a piece of the authentic Bulgarian culture, melded with the modern times.